The catwoman body painting gig was a success. 

I just got to preview the photos and they're AWESOME. Wowza. The photographer is having a gallery opening on Oct 6, and I'm absolutely going. I can't wait to see them at HUGE size. I would post them here but I promised not to "leak" them so .. you'll just have to wait. Or come to the gallery opening. 111 Minna. October 6. 5-9.

The whole experience was a little odd. We coordinated on facebook, with the photographer taking point and letting the rest of us do our thing. It was all very professional, I was all excited to work with professionals and turn out a professional product. 

The house we were in was amazing.. the stylist was a perfect flamboyant San Francisco queen, and the model was raunchy and energetic and loads of fun.  The photographer was a rather typical disorganized artist-type, but the shots he pulled off (and the expensive Soma Loft where he lives) prove to me that he sure knows his stuff. Here he is: Tim Williamson.

The paint job took about 3 hours. I designed a slinky catsuit, torn up with claw-tracks, lots of corset lacing and cut to show off all Andrea's tattoos. I got to use some gorgeous metallic purples and shimmers. It turned out really nice, and Andrea loved it, which is so super important to the success of a photo shoot in my experience. 

After I finished painting, I watched the photo shoot for a bit then took off. I guess they went down to the Mint after I left and got a bunch of shots of Catwoman Leaving The Impressive Building With Her Jewel Heist. Fun stuff.

All in all I am pleased. I'm also quite excited to see them all blown up and printed and stuff. I don't think I've ever seen my work presented on that kind of scale.. I feel like I've leveled up. 

More Photos Here!  This one is my favorite:

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