The passion that comes from the creative process manifests itself so differently in different projects.  Some projects I'm passionate and excited about from the get-go.  Sometimes I'm sort of "meh" about a project until it's completely over with and I find magic in the pictures.   Usually it's somewhere in between.

This week I met with a model and photographer, neither of whom I've worked with before.  All three of us have slightly different ideas and slightly different goals, which is what makes this kind of collaboration interesting.  

Collaboration at its best is finding that spark of passion-that-ignites-art - in a model's eyes, a camera's lens, an accidental look or pose or streak of sunlight.  It's almost like falling in love, in a way.. working from different places, to find that common connection to the mystery and magic behind the paint.. working to bring out the truth in the model in such a way that the camera can capture it.  It's a challenge, but a delicious one.

I'm excited about the projects we're dreaming up.  Breeana, our model, has Cherokee blood and so we all connected with the idea of doing a native American themed piece.  There will be turquoise jewelry and eagle feathers and war paint.  I'm quite excited.. I find myself spotting detail ideas almost everywhere I look.

We are also talking about doing a motorcycle shoot.  I want to do some product shots for my portfolio since I'm interested in doing magazine print work, and I've always wanted to paint a sexy motorcycle shot.. and Breeana is definitely into motorcycles so I hope we can make it work!

It makes me happy just to daydream about it all.  The first few bites of a creative project are sometimes the tastiest.

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