At the body painting convention last week I got painted by Brian Wolfe ( - web site coming soon) as an Ice Queen.  As I think I've mentioned, I *love* getting painted.. that's really what got me into body painting in the first place.  It was great fun - Brian's "evil twin" Nick painted another model as "fire" and the two of us had a great time shaking the whole place down. 

I was airbrushed and Heather (as fire) was hand-painted, and I think we made quite a dynamic duo... the silliest part of the story is that I had to fly home immediately after the fashion show where we showed off our artwork.. without having time to wash off first.  Yes, I flew from Orlando to Oakland in full-body Ice Queen paint.  Oh, the looks I got!!

The little girls in the picture thought I looked *so pretty* and wanted to take photos with me.  Little did they know I was standing behind them EATING THEIR BRAINS!!  

More pictures up at Picasa!  Enjoy!

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